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System Integration Solutions

If your business requires automation solutions, you may also seek a company that provides integrated systems. ACRO Automation Systems Inc. is just that company. Our team is able to customize our automation systems to fit your exact needs. No matter how basic or advanced your project is, ACRO has the capacity to customize our solutions for you.

Integrated Systems to Match Your Company’s Projects

Every company has a variety of circumstances that make its projects unique. The ACRO team of engineers can adapt a system to be compatible with your particular details. You need to be sure that the automation products and services you choose are going to serve your business appropriately. That is why ACRO offers customization services to our customers. Our systems may be integrated with yours for maximum efficiency and functionality.

We have designed and manufactured custom integrated systems for automotive, appliance, and consumer goods applications. The integration of a complete system involves linking various pieces of equipment and processes, both mechanically and electrically. This is done in a manner that results in continuous operation at maximum efficiency.

ACRO integrates components into systems such as:

  • film cutting systems
  • laser systems
  • conveyor systems
  • bowl feed systems
  • riveting systems
  • servo presses
  • vision systems
  • fluid dispensing systems
  • flex feeding systems
  • fastening systems
  • data collection and part traceability
  • robots used in collaborative systems
  • SCARA, Cartesian and six axis robots
Axle Press and Weld System

Axle Press and Weld System

A premier global axle manufacturer needed an automated assembly to meet complex tube press and welding demands. See how ACRO teamed up with them to develop a durable assembly that met their rigorous statistical process control requirements.

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High Speed Film Scoring Cell

High Speed Film Scoring Cell

After they received a high volume of service calls, ACRO collaborated with a large, global appliance manufacturer to improve the protective film that covered the exterior surface of their appliances. View the way that our team worked with them to build a cell that would reduce film thickness, as well as improve a consumer’s ability to tear it away cleanly.

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System Integration You Can Trust

System integration can be a complex process, and it should not be left to anyone but the pros. ACRO Automation Systems Inc. can implement your system integration to meet your needs. When you want the job done right the first time, you must collaborate with experienced professionals. ACRO brings more than 80 years of industry experience to every customer and every project. We are ready to take on your project and deliver the end result that goes beyond your expectations. To the team at ACRO Automation Systems Inc., quality is always a top priority.

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