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Our Custom Automation Solutions

No matter what your industry might be, your business requires top quality equipment for success. ACRO Automation Systems Inc. has a long-time reputation for offering high quality automation services and products. Our team provides an impressive range of services to meet the needs of a broad assortment of companies.

The Products, Services, and Systems You Need

ACRO has been providing solutions for our customers for over 80 years. The ACRO team has designed and manufactured custom automation equipment, which ranges from single stand-alone machines to fully-automated, multiple station lines. We utilize flexible, innovative and proven technologies to deliver outstanding results. ACRO has served a variety of industries, including automotive, appliance, consumer goods, and more.

The ACRO team of engineers has provided solutions in the following areas:

Robotic Tool Polishing


Robotic tool polishing gives you with a high-quality product leaving little waste and no harm to your employees. Learn more about our robotic tool polishing systems.

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Robotic Dispensing Systems


Robotic dispensing gives you the ability to churn out high-quality parts consistently, saving you time, money, and customer goodwill. Learn more about our robotic dispensing systems.

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Automated Welding


By applying an array of weld styles and techniques, we have designed and manufactured custom automated welding systems for a wide variety of industries. Learn more about how our welding automation services can get the job done.

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Automated Assembly


ACRO has designed and manufactured custom automated assembly systems for automotive, appliance and consumer goods applications. Find out how ACRO’s assembly automation services are the best fit for your project.

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System Integration


The ACRO team has designed systems with integrated components for automotive, appliance, and consumer goods applications. Explore the ways that our system integration services can help elevate your project.

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Robotic Automation


We have designed and manufactured flexible robotics systems for a diverse pool of industries, utilizing many different robotic models from various manufacturers. Learn more about how ACRO’s robotic automation services are right for your projects.

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Custom Solutions for Your Business

When you seek automation solutions to meet your unique needs, look no further than ACRO Automation Systems Inc. ACRO’s talented professionals possess the expertise and experience to tailor our products and services to fit your circumstances. Our custom automation solutions will enhance the productivity levels of your company.

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