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Robotic Tool Polishing

Protect Employees and Meet Deadlines with Robotic Tool Polishing

Manufacturing and assembly processes require consistency to ensure that the end-user is satisfied. In some cases, poorly constructed items can cause injury. Skill levels of employees fluctuate as the high turnover rate prevents adequate training and skill growth. Additionally, the chemicals used in abrasives and sealants leave some people hesitant to enter this field. Robotic tool polishing alleviates the issues faced by manufacturers. They provide you with a high-quality product leaving little waste and no harm to your employees. The results are delighted customers and higher profit margins for you.

Why Tool Polishing Robots Make Sense for Your Facility

Decide today to incorporate automated robotic tool polishing stations in your facility. You will reap many benefits. Here are a few reasons to start the process today:

  1. Safer Work Environment: Grinding and polishing can be hazardous. Particles get into employee’s eyes, and dust attacks their lungs. Having a tool polishing robot decreases the health hazards that come with the job. In addition, you may find your team’s absenteeism decreases after a robot is installed to take care of tool polishing.
  2. Alleviate Struggle to Find Employees: The material removal process is arduous and requires great stamina. It may be the least popular job in the manufacturing sector, which means that filling positions can be challenging. Utilizing a robot eliminates this struggle.
  3. Produce High-Quality Parts: Polishing requires consistent pressure to ensure that the right amount of material is removed. Taking off too much material ruins the part and removing too little means time and material gets wasted. Automating this process results in a consistent finish that doesn’t waste time, materials, or products.
  4. Meet Client Deadlines Consistently: To keep your customers happy and returning to you for their manufacturing needs, you need to meet their deadlines. Between sick days caused by particles landing in eyes or inferior quality parts requiring re-dos, meeting client expectations can prove difficult. Using automated systems like robotic tool polishing means you churn out the correct number of pieces with the best quality, on time. Your customers will love you for it.

Find the Best Solutions for Your Polishing Needs with ACRO Automation

Put a new tool in your arsenal to provide the best manufactured and assembled product in the market when you work with ACRO Automation Systems Inc. Trust our knowledgeable and experienced team to assess your needs and design a robotic tool polishing platform that will take away the errors and leave your customers satisfied. We believe in helping you maintain uptime, on time, all the time. Contact us today!

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Robotic Tool Polishing


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