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Automated Welding Solutions

ACRO Automation Systems Inc. has designed and manufactured custom automated welding systems for automotive, consumer goods applications and other industries. We have a wide range of automated welding machines that the ACRO team utilizes with a variety of welding styles, and our technicians are trained in the latest welding and automation techniques. As automated welding becomes increasingly more widely utilized in the industry, we continue to work closely with our customers when these processes are required.

A Wealth of Options to Get the Job Done

The technicians at ACRO have the experience and resources to match our automation solutions to your needs. Our automated welding solutions include:

  • axle tube press and weld line
  • complete exhaust sub and final welding systems
  • automobile seat frame, cushions, backs and tracks welding machinery
  • airbag welding systems
  • appliance welding systems
  • airbag reaction can housing welding machine
  • end cone sub-assembly spot welding machines
  • motor shell roll forming, welding and sizing machines
  • palletized robot welding system
  • refrigerator door forming and welding machines
  • airbag inflator welding machines
  • catalytic converter welding
  • exhaust flange to pipe weld cells
  • muffler to tailpipe and intermediate pipe robotic weld cells
  • O2 sensor boss weld cells
  • shock absorber welding
  • strut welding
  • automotive seat tracks disk laser welding machine
  • armature clutch plate CO2 laser welding machine
  • battery cell Nd:YAG welder
  • eyelet to plate drill and CO2 laser welding machine
  • office panel frame Nd:YAG laser welding machine
  • torque converter welding machine
  • seat-track bracket laser weld system

Meeting Your Needs with Automated Welding Solutions

If your company requires automated welding products or services, ACRO Automation Systems Inc. will assist you. Our technicians are ready to supply the solutions that fit your needs.

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