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Retool and Rebuild Programs

Rebuilding and/or retooling can be a vital way to get the most from your equipment. This practice can also save your company much money because you will not need to replace machinery as often.

The engineers at ACRO Automation Systems Inc. are proven experts at designing and building new automation systems. This means we have the training and background in the various disciplines required for successful rebuilding and retooling implementation.

Maximizing Resources by Retooling and Rebuilding

Retooling and/or rebuilding equipment is a service that we can offer with efficient turnaround. This practice also reduces the need for our customers to invest in new equipment and machinery. Rebuilding or retooling enables manufacturers to rely on the same machinery for different products when they can no longer serve their original purpose.

The team at ACRO Automation can rebuild and retool equipment for your business. It is important to know that the two services are different. These are the primary characteristics that help to distinguish the two from each other:

Rebuilding: Machine rebuilding involves repairing and upgrading machines, and it often means replacing all components. When performed properly, rebuilding machines can lengthen their life. It can also increase their productivity overall. This makes an entire system more cost effective, as well as more efficient.

Retooling: Generally, retooling involves using a machine for its primary competencies, in order to accommodate a new design or product. Ultimately, anything that touches and interacts with a part might be made better. Retooling extends the longevity of older equipment. It also keeps it in operation until it must be rebuilt or replaced.

Getting the Most from Your Machinery

If your equipment is worn from years of use and millions of cycles, it may need to be stripped down and refurbished entirely. However, it might simply need to be retooled, so it may provide a new function. By retooling and rebuilding, the ACRO team provides automation solutions to help maximize your resources.

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