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Our Quality Assurance Process

ACRO Automation Systems Inc. approaches every product, service, and system1with the utmost forethought and care. Your company requires automation solutions that work. You may be sure that when ACRO puts its name behind a piece of equipment or an integrated system, the end result will be exceptional.

How ACRO Ensures Quality Results

ACRO remains committed to the highest standards of quality. From the initial design to the final commissioning for each piece of equipment, quality is a core objective in meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. We incorporate many value based methods throughout our design and manufacturing phases including:

Project Management: A consistent and proven project management process is utilized on every job. Issues, progress, and timelines are communicated regularly.

3D Software: All machines and tools are modeled with SOLIDWORKS™

Robotic Simulation Software: Robotic applications are analyzed with simulation software to verify factors such as reach, payload, and cycle time.

Coordinate Measuring Machine: All robotic welding fixtures are measured with a CMM prior to the start of integration to minimize the time required to achieve dimensional quality.

Cut & Etch Software: Weld quality is confirmed through cut and etch reports. Attributes are inspected and measured per customers’ specification.

Risk Assessments & Failure Mode Analysis: Risk assessments are performed to our customer's safetly specifications to ensure compliance. PFMEA is utilized to help promote higher levels of reliability, as well as early identification and elimination of potential product/process failure modes.

ACRO: Consistent Quality in Automation

Your business depends on consistent quality to serve your customers. Our high standards are backed by our thorough QA process. When you work with ACRO Automation Systems Inc., you can be sure that the final result will be one worth commissioning with full confidence.

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