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Our Design, Build and Test Process

At ACRO Automation Systems Inc., we know that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all philosophy when providing custom automation solutions. This is one reason that we take pride in our flexible design, build and test process. This process serves as the foundation for all of our automation services and projects. It also creates a helpful framework, so you know what to expect when you work with us. All of our processes are driven by our “Up Time, On Time, All the Time” motto. We are determined to offer solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, consistency and efficiency.

Our Design Process


The first part of the design process begins with communications to the client. These communications help to shape the project and define the specific details.

  1. To meet the vision of the client, as well as to keep cost and risk at a minimum, a project team is created to work on preliminary ideas.
  2. In some cases, prototype development is implemented to isolate the product or process related information required to develop a sound engineering solution.
  3. Our team explores the applicable concepts to narrow down the best match for the application, particularly in relation to the client’s needs.
  4. We examine the lessons learned from similar past projects.
  5. The design is submitted for approval from the client before we begin the more detailed phase of the design process.
  6. In this more detailed phase, the initial design is developed fully into a package that is ready to be built.
Our Design Process


The next phase begins as the components of the project are created in accordance with the approved design.

  1. The project’s equipment and materials are kept in a specially designated place.
  2. An experienced staff leader examines the parts, and they are inspected for both functionality and fit.
  3. After the equipment has been assembled, qualified team members plumb the fluid systems and wire the electrical components.
  4. The project is reviewed weekly for progress.
  5. A debug checklist is utilized to implement any debugging that must take place.
  6. The client is continuously updated on the project’s status, as well as the results of ongoing internal testing.
Our Delivery and Installation Process


Once the machine has been thoroughly tested to meet the specifications of the project, as well as applicable legal standards and safety regulations, the finalized product can be delivered to the client.

  1. The lead builder goes to the client’s location to support installation.
  2. A final test is conducted to ensure that the machine operates as intended.
  3. In addition to the machine, the client receives technical documentation. This further supports the training of appropriate personnel.


At ACRO Automation Systems Inc., we are proud of our exceptional design, build and test process. We are confident that this process leads to high quality automation solutions for our clients.

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