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ACRO Automation Video Gallery

ACRO is proud of the variety of automated assembly and automation services we offer. Our commitment to our clients and their projects is encompassed in our UPTIME slogan: “Up Time, On Time, All the Time.” We strive to ensure that the job is not only done right, but that it exceeds our client’s expectations in quality, efficiency and customer service. Our videos showcase the quality and diversity of service you can expect when you work with us!

Manufacturing Marvels

Polishing Video

Dispensing Video

Patch Welder Video

Mig Weld Cell

Tank Welding Project

Leak Tester

High Speed Film Scoring Cell

Edge Weld Cell

Axle Weld Cell/Inspection

Axle Bracket Welding Line

Quick Change Tooling

Automated Seat Welding and Testing System

Syringe Station and Packaging

Dial Welder for Automotive Seat Rails

ACRO Careers

Motor Shell Weld and Join

Glass Sealant Application and Install

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